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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why isn't there any pressure on my filter?


A:  Usually that means there is a clog.  Check these areas:

  • The pump: The impeller or the pump basket may have too much debris
  • The suction valve: in most cases the skimmer and main drain valve may have an obstruction.
  • The cleaner: If the pool has a dedicated cleaner line, the cleaner itself may have debris.


Q:  Why isn't there any water in my pump? - Or why is my pump not primed?


A: Varies:

  •   The pump lid o-ring could be warped, dry or torn allowing air into the system
  •   Check water level: If the water level is significantly low, the skimmer is not receiving
      the proper amount of water.
  •   Weir door is stuck in the up position, preventing flow of water
  •   Pump basket is installed incorrectly


Q:  Why does my pool need so much chlorine?


A:  Rapid chlorine usage isn't always from swimming:

  • The demand can be caused by dirty filters (filtration)
  • Weak circulation
  • Pool run time is not long enough, (hence circulation)
  • Old water! Calcium hardness and high total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Using inadequate amounts of chlorine and combined chlorine (sanitation)


Q:  Can I add tablets to the skimmer?


A:  It is NOT safe to add chlorine tablets to the skimmer.

  • The gases in one chlorine table can quickly wear down O-rings in the system
  • Those o-rings include valves, pump, and filter o-ring.
  • They can break down due to corrosion.
  • Heaters can also corrode and can cause expensive repairs.
  • A small purchase for a floater can save you hundreds in equipment repairs.


Q:  What exactly is preformed during pool service?


A:  Our services include:

  • Brushing tiles and walls
  • Netting surface
  • Vacuuming the interior
  • Testing all variables of water chemistry
  • Emptying baskets, including pump baskets
  • Checking for leaks and maintaining steady filter pressure


Q:  How much is it for us to come out?


A:  For us to come out and diagnose or solve a minor/major issue, our service fee is $125 for the first trip. If a second trip is needed, we will give you a breakdown of the cost up front and on paper.


I hope these tips have been helpful to you.  If you would like for us to service your pool, we are happy to do so!




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